Smart Energy Source wants to help local businesses save money on their energy bills. Through a cost-sharing grant provided by USDA Rural Development, your business can receive a thorough commercial energy audit for only 25 cents on the dollar. That is right, 75% off the normal rate. An energy audit will help your business lower your energy consumption by:

• Inspection of the facility, processes, services and utilities
• Identification of conservation opportunities
• Estimate energy savings and payback on energy efficiency measures
• Identify energy use and energy loss
• Evaluation of the building envelope, HVAC systems, boilers, stem systems,
motors, pumps and drives

A comprehensive final report will be provided to the business and will include findings, suggested energy efficiency improvements and a rate of return on investments.

There are various levels of commercial energy audits to fit your budget, complete the questionnaire below to find out more and to schedule your commercial energy audit.
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