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SES unveils Progressive Resource Energy Parks

Posted on 11/3/2015 by Joe Gray

Cutting edge renewable energy integration and research were on center stage October 28, 2015, as Smart Energy Source announced the launch of their Progressive Resource Energy Parks (PREPs), which will combine multiple renewable power generation methods to power business, industry and education.

Through a partnership with Oklahoma State University’s National Energy Solutions Institute (NESI), and the Oklahoma State University Research Foundation (OSURF), two PREP parks will be constructed in the Stillwater area, and will serve as a model for future energy parks around the nation. The OSURF energy park will be located west of Stillwater on Highway 51 near Karsten Creek, and the SES PREP park will be located south of Stillwater on Boomer Road in the new Innovation Pointe commercial park.

            “It makes perfect sense that OSU’s National Energy Solutions Institute would build a relationship with Smart Energy Source to form the NESI-SES Association,” said Burns Hargis, President of OSU. “And it makes sense that together, we would pioneer something as innovative and forward-thinking as a progressive resource energy park.”

            “The OSURF energy park will facilitate future energy needs for Stillwater and surrounding communities, and will provide a research space and learning laboratory,” said Dr. David Waits, President of OSURF. “Information that is gained from this park can then be implemented into practice through smaller PREPs, such as the one being implemented here at Innovation Pointe.”

            Central Rural Electric Cooperative (CREC) will be the first tenant at Innovation Pointe, and CREC board President Mark Pittman echoed the feeling of excitement of being involved in such an innovative project.

            “Today I am proud to be part of this monumental moment in announcing CREC as the first tenant of Innovation Pointe,” Pittman said. “This demonstration of relevant solutions in today’s turbulent energy landscape provides CREC the opportunity to become the Next Generation Utility for its members.”

            SES Managing Member David Swank said that the PREP parks will serve as a model for energy parks around the nation as they combine multiple resources to obtain maximum efficiencies.

            “These parks will combine biomass, solar, geothermal, battery storage and natural gas generation that will allow us to view resources in a way we’ve never been able to before,” Swank said. “We applaud the vision of Oklahoma State University and President Hargis, and we are humbled by the opportunity to be a part of promoting sustainability through these Progressive Resource Energy Parks.”

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