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AIR Solutions

The SES Air Solutions Center is equipped to help utilities and other industries take advantage of unmanned aerial vehicle technology

Energy Audits

SES wants you to use energy more wisely. An energy audit can help you do just that by identifying energy loss and providing energy efficient solutions,

Efficient Lighting

New lighting technologies are up to 75 percent more efficient than traditional incandescent bulbs. SES can help you choose the correct lighting for your home or business.

Data Hosting/Colocation

SES offers data hosting and colocation services through our Tier II Data Center. 

Mapping Solutions

SES offers a geospatial platform that allows you to transform your data into actionable information and create smart maps

Distributed Generation

SES helps make the decision-making process easier regardless of which DG resources you’re considering for your energy needs.

Why Choose Us

When you choose Smart Energy Source, you receive strong, customized energy solutions that will increase your productivity, reliability and efficiency in energy management.

  • 1
    Our dynamic team of professionals combines the latest in energy technology and research to provide valuable expertise.

  • 2
    Integrated Strategic Approach
    Not one solution fits all, and we understand that. With our strategic integrated approach, effective solutions are created to get the best for your needs.
  • 3
    Exclusive Industry Knowledge
    Our relationships with energy leaders allow us to stay up-to-date on the constantly changing opportunities and practices within the industry – allowing us to give you the benefit.
  • 4
    Innovative Solutions
    Challenges are opportunities for SES. We thrive in finding ways to advocate or create solutions to meet your needs.

  • 5
    Measuring Performance
    Our team has an in-depth knowledge of energy metrics and analytics to help you evaluate your energy performance, make adjustments and optimize your results.
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    We take this Personal
    Your needs are our needs. It is our passion to create and facilitate energy solutions – both now and in the future – so you can be successful and enjoy a better quality of life.

Who Benefits

From traditional methods to progressive applications, everyone interested in energy solutions benefits from SES services.


Apply sustainable products or new practices to make homes more energy efficient and decrease electric bill costs.

Commercial & Industrial

Standardize bottom-line and top-line growth by implementing innovative, sustainable energy solutions.

Oil & Gas

Implement smarter business practices to eliminate inefficiencies and create value for a better return on investment.


Utilize sustainable resources to create optimal solutions for business that ultimately spurs bottom-line growth.
Latest News
Posted on 2/17/2017 by Larry Mattox SU
Posted on 2/17/2017 by Larry Mattox SU
Posted on 12/16/2016 by Larry Mattox SU
  • “ The Oklahoma First Energy Plan looks to optimize our energy system by efficiently leveraging our natural resources with an 'all of the above' approach to energy. The NESI research at OSU and the partnership with SES compliment the state's vision for the future of energy in the United States. ”

    Gov. Mary FallinState of Oklahoma

Facts and Figures

EPA’s plan to regulate CO2 could cost more than $366 billion.

The EPA’s Clean Power Plan’s new regulation on coal emissions will cause double-digit electricity price increases in 43 states, including Oklahoma.

Renewable Portfolio Standard targets will require 164 GW of new renewable generation by 2020.

Residential rates are projected to see a compound average growth rate of 3 to 5 percent in some jurisdictions through 2017.

Modernizing gas and electric distribution is projected to require $2 trillion of investment by 2030

Electricity demand is flat or falling and likely to grow slowly in the future.

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About Us

Smart Energy Source LLC is an energy services partnership formed by Oklahoma State University, Guernsey, Tri-County Electric Cooperative and Central Rural Electric Cooperative.
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